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Bodyfit Bootcamp and Dane Farrell, Latest News

New courses at Syston & Kirby Muxloe
Bootcamps at Syston and Knighton Park

Energising new courses starting soon... For more information, start dates and pictures click here > Bodyfit Bootcamps
It's an adventure and experience that just cannot be missed.
Are you up to the challenge?

Try our luxury Bootcamp retreats
Luxury Bootcamp at Risley Hall

Ideal for team building... Corporate and group discounts available! Our LUXURY BOOTCAMP RETREAT at Risley Hall, Derbyshire is an exclusive, 1 day leisure break. Enjoy 'tough but fun' outdoor activities in beautiful grounds, then relax and melt away in the luxury pool and spa...
Fully inclusive of food and beverages, this is an energising, fun and uplifting day that you won't forget. So if your workplace, club, team or group of friends could do with a lift contact us for special rates!
For more information and our leaflet see the 'Bootcamps' page (scroll down to Risley Hall).

Your own personal trainer
Your own personal trainer

Personal training programmes are also available should you be looking for dedicated 1 to 1 support. Dane's methods really do work so email us or call 07876 658628 for a no obligation chat.

Also see our Personal Training page for more info > Personal Trainer Leicester

Diets DO NOT work!
Diets DO NOT work!

Eat healthy, don't diet. Change the way you think about food if you are really serious about changing your body shape. You need to think of food and eating as a way of life so that healthy, enjoyable eating becomes a habit.

Exercise will help to tighten muscles, but eating healthily is the key to flattening your belly.

However, you don't want to restrict your diet or cut calories, as your body will inevitably think there is a famine and slow down your metabolism to hold on to your precious fat stores. Furthermore, if your blood sugar levels fluctuate, your body will be releasing adrenaline, which is the same hormone it releases when you are under stress. This will encourage your body to store fat, especially around the tummy area. The solution is to eat healthily all the time. For some simple and easy meal ideas and a few essential lifestyle rules, follow my easy 4-week plan to target your tummy. You won't feel hungry - I promise!

When you join one of our Bootcamps you will also benefit from added nutritional advice. Register now and kick start your healthy lifestyle!

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